ICYMI, we just released the schedule! Ready to grab your tickets to Innings Fest, but also want to save some money? We’ve teamed up with PayPal to help. Purchase your ticket now for a limited time using your PayPal account and the first 1,000 people will get $25 back!*


  • Step 1: Plan ahead and know what ticket type you want to buy. Are you doing GA? VIP? If you need help planning your trip, start here.
  • Step 2: Make sure you have a confirmed U.S. PayPal account. If you don’t, you can sign up for free at PayPal.com
  • Step 3: Purchase your tickets using PayPal as your payment method
  • Note that the credit is applied to the first 1000 orders placed using PayPal, NOT tickets. So, for example, if you order 4 tickets in one order, you will still only get $25. Plan ahead to determine the best strategy for your group.

*The offer available starting January 15th is only available for users with a valid U.S. PayPal account who use PayPal to purchase the tickets. If you sign up for a new PayPal account, you will need to verify and confirm your email address, and add a payment method (bank account or credit card) to your PayPal account in order to purchase your tickets. In order to receive your $25 back from Front Gate Tickets, your PayPal account must remain in good standing. Locked or restricted accounts will not be able to receive or use the funds.

This article was posted on January 10, 2019